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Citric pickle

Has anyone used the ‘citric’ pickle? How does it work compared to


Hi Sue! We use both Sparex and citric pickle at Metalwerx. The Sparex
is great for getting rid of oxides on gold. Citric pickle is great
for copper, brass and silver. It’s also wonderful for the students
and for my drain. I use 1/2 c of ctric acid to 1 cup water.


Hi Sue, I have recently discontinued selling the citrus pickle. The
Citrus pickle I sold was 100% citric acid and is an acidulant of the
food industry. 85% to 90% of my customers really liked it while the
other l0 to 15% did not like it at all. Some of the positive feedback
was that they felt safe and comfortable with the product and that it
worked very well. The negative feedback from the customers that did
not like it was that it took longer to wash off and longer to work ,or
they did not have any real concrete reason. The schools really like it
. I sold it to Old Church Cultural Center School of Art in Demarest
NJ. If you want to speak with them directly ask for Karen at (201)
767 7160. The only reason I stopped selling it was because I want
to concentrate on the gemstones that I sell. If you have further
questions please feel free to email me off line.

Diane Sadel

Has anyone used the 'citric' pickle? How does it work compared to

I had one instructor who swore by citric pickle - I used it in his
class for 10 days and it was just as satisfactory as Sparex. When he
needed to make a new batch, he poured the old citric pickle in a
plastic milk jug, set it inside a plastic trash can and let it
evaporate and then threw away the crystals.

Another instructor at a junior college used Ph Degreaser which he
got at a swimming pool supply place. He mixed it up in a very
saturated solution and only used it cold and it worked great. Unless
you were sweat soldering, you just dropped your piece in hot,
otherwise you quenched it in water first and then put in the Ph
Degreaser. He prefered using it cold because he said it didn’t create
fumes as hot Sparex did.

The instructor who used citric acid said he liked it better because
it didn’t corrode everthing around it. He had used it for years. So
I guess it’s a matter of personal preference and which is easier for
you to come by. I’m going to try the PhDegreaser as soon as I’ve used
up my present supply of Sparex which should be soon.


Where do you get, or how do you make citric pickle? Thanks.

Karen, Do you have a source for the Citric Pickle? It sounds great for
a school situation.The class room is open 24 hours and the pickle area
is a problem. I am looking for ways to improve it. Sue

 Do you have a source for the Citric Pickle?  Sue 

Citric Acid and other chemicals are available at Tri-Ess Sciences,
Inc., 1020 W. Chestnut St., Burbank, CA 91506, (818) 848-7838 / (800) 274-6910.

. The citric acid from the chemical company that I dealt with has a
miniumum order of 150lb. The name of the company is Brown Chemical
Company, Inc. located at 302 West Oakland Ave., Oakland, NJ,07
436-0440. The phone number is (201) 337 0900 and the toll free number
is 1 800 888 9822.

Directions: Mix 1 1/2 cups of citric acid powder with 2 1/2 cups
water in a heated pickel pot. Use neoprene gloves and goggles when
mixing. Warning: In case of skin contact wash off immediately with
soap and water. Ingestion drink plenty of water. Do not induce
vomiting. Eye irritant rinse immediately with water and seek medical

If you want smaller quantities then try 46th Jewelry Supply in New
York City. or contact me off line because I do know of a jeweler who
was looking for someone to share the citrus pickle with.


You can purchase powdered citric acid more locally if you have a
bakers or bakery supply house in the area. warg

I ve posted this before, but here’s the cheapest 7 smallest quanitity
source I’ve found 4oz. 3D $1.00 up to 50 lbs 3D $87.50 (many sizes in
between! Shipping a little stiff, but triple bagged and well packed
fo my 5 lbs.($10.75) This is a health and bueay supply but citric
acid is citric acid, they also have MSDS linked on line to copy,
print and file.
Fi zzy I’va also bought citric acid at my Co-op Natural Food Store
(~$3.50 / lbs.), baker’s supply co. also stock it often called “sour
flour” commercial bread wrappers call it “doagh conditioner”. One
pack of kool-aid type stuff on my pantry shelf list citric acid as
first ingredient!


G’day; Whilst I don’t have much idea what buying odd things in
America is like, but here in lil ole NooZilnd one can buy citric
acid in any corner store or supermarket, because it is used in cooking
etc. Citric acid is not a dangerous acid, though I wouldn’t want to
drink a very strong solution, nor is a small amount at all poisonous.
To the contrary, all fruit contains citric acid especially oranges,
lemons, even kiwifruit, apples pineapples, mangoes… So next time you
run out of pickle, simply stick your work in a lemon! (I wouldn’t eat
it after, though) Cheers, –

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ