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Citric acid


I have covered the subject of citric acid several times before on
this forum. I used to sell it to jewelers to be mixed with water
and used as a pickling solution. The following will
give you places to buy it and the recipe that I gave out for mixing.

The citric acid from the chemical company that I dealt with has a
miniumum order of 150lb. The name of the company is Brown Chemical
Company, Inc. located at 302 West Oakland Ave., Oakland, NJ,07
436-0440. The phone number is (201) 337 0900 and the toll free
number is 1 800 888 9822.

Another member of this forum had also given this site that will
sell smaller quanitities of the citric acid. The site for the citric
acid is :

The instructions I have handed out when selling citric acid for
pickle is the following:

Directions: Mix 1 1/2 cups of citric acid powder with 2 1/2 cups
water in a heated pickel pot. Use neoprene gloves and goggles when
mixing. Warning: In case of skin contact wash off immediately with
soap and water. Ingestion drink plenty of water. Do not induce
vomiting. Eye irritant rinse immediately with water and seek medical

I hope this helps. Sincerely, Diane Sadel