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Citric acid source

Hi All;

Recently, I ran out of my #2 Sparex and thinking I’d like to try
something less noxious, I bought some “Magic Pickle”. The main
ingredient was sodium metabisulphate. Bad choice. This stuff makes
Sparex look like green tea. It didn’t work till I made it quite
concentrated, then, even with good ventilation, I was wheezing and
coughing and had a taste in my mouth like aspirin (sulpher
dioxide?). I’m very slightly asthmatic, mainly around my daughter’s
pet guinea pig, but this stuff sent me out of the room gasping. I
thought my lungs were going to collapse. I broke down and started
looking for a source for citric acid. I tried the site Diane Sadel
posted, but it’s not up any more. I didn’t want to order 150 pounds
from Brown Chemical either. Here’s what I found;

Soap Crafters carries citric acid in small quantities as follows: I
ordered the 5 pound tub for $14.50 U.S. and $10 UPS shipping and
they carry it in 1 pound ($3.50 not including shipping) which would
be too little for most, the 5 pound, and a 50 pound tub for $78 (not
including shipping). I mixed 3 cups acid to 5 cups hot water. So
far, it seems to work just fine, and there are no noxious fumes.
You can stick your head right over the stuff whereas the “Magic
Pickle” would knock you on your butt if you did that. is the main page, the citric
acid is here:

David L. Huffman

David, Many years ago, back in the fifties, U.S Navy ships used to
keep the messdecks , that is the decks of the crew’s mess
compartments, bright and shiny by scrubbing them with a strong
solution of Navy lemonade powder and water. Worked great…and it
was really better for that than it was for lemonade anyway. Perhaps
Crystal Light would work? Jerry in Kodiak

  Yes, Na metabisulfite would make anyone wheeze! 

The ad didn’t say what grade of Citric acid it was, but I would
guess food grade. If you check the chemical supply houses in your
area (where do the schools buy their chemicals for their Chem
classes?) for something less pure (maybe Technical Grade?) – it
doesn’t need to be high quality stuff — you may be able to find it
for less.


Here’s where I’ve been getting citric acid.
h%20Fizzies Prices seem OK, and delivery is quick. Not affiliated,
yada yada yada…

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry