Citric Acid pickle

After I bought a box of name-brand pickle, I read the Orchid thread
last summer about the alternatives. As I was traveling to an
out-of-state fair where I would be doing demos, I wanted to have the
safest pickle I could - and not be transporting any mysterious white
powders aboard an airplane. :slight_smile: It occurred to me that I have a local
supply of very cheap, almost pure citric acid, that comes in sealed
little envelopes for 25 cents at the grocery store. Yes, it’s just
unsweetened Kool-Aid. I used the lemonade flavor so as not to turn my
workspace purple or red. Just dump the envelope into a small bowl
with less than a cup of water. It worked very well as pickle, smelled
lemony-fresh, and I can’t get worked up enough to be afraid of
Kool-Aid fumes.

Hoping to meet more of you in Tucson,

— Laurie Cavanaugh