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Citric acid pickle

Hi Everybody,

There seems to be some confusion on the citrus pickle. The
explanation is below:

1.  It is 100% citric acid
2.  It is an acidulant of the food industry
3.  It is heated with water in a crock pot (directions are on bag)
4.  It does not put holes in your clothing
5.  Fumes are not a problem
6.  It does not copperplate
7.  You can use steel tweezers (will lnot contaminate)
8.  It works effective and well on silver and gold
9.  It lasts a long time
10.  The majority of jewelers are happy with it.  If you need references I 
can provide you with them.  The only negative feedback I have gotton is a 
jeweler who had well water said it was difficult to rinse off.
11.  It comes in powdered form
12.  Please note it is still an acid and precautions must be taken which are 
listed on the directions of the bag.
13.  It is a safer alternative
14.  I am a gemstone dealer but provide this product as a service to jewelers.

If you have any more questions please email me offlist. Diane Sadel
(Sweet Gems, Benad, JD Findings) soon
coming will be
and JD Findings is closing.

Hi, I too really enjoy Citric Acid. I thought I’d share the most
inexpensive source found. It’s a company that supplies the makings
for Bath & Beauty Products. They also have the MSDS available on
line. From-Nature-With-Love

1 lb. = $2.50 ; 5 lbs. = $10.75 ; 10lbs. = $20.00 ++ reasonable

I seem to remember their shipping time was moderate. They also carry
clays and other oddments.

Hope this helps save a few $$. Ed

When mixing a citrus acid pickle, what’s the best ratio of acid (I
assume it’s a powder) to water? Thanks.

Rene Roberts

Good Morning Rene, The instructions that I send out with citrus pickle
is the following: Mix 1 1/2 cups of the citric acid powder with 2 1/2
cups water in heated pickel pot. Use Neoprene Gloves & Goggles when
mixing. I also have a warning: In case of skin contact , wash off
immediately with soap and water. Do not induce vomiting. Eye
irritant . Rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.

I hope this helps.
Diane Sadel (201) 541 4160
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