Citric acid Misconception

Yes, citric acid is not a toxin in the amounts we use, But we should NOT be
pouring it down the drain. The quantities of copper oxide and silver that
contained in pickle are toxic. In the US most state regulations allow no
more than 25 ppm silver, some as low as 5 ppm. Silver has been shown to be
toxic in small quantities to numerous organisms. Silver dust attacks the
mucous membranes in humans and is believed to damage night vision in our
eyes. What to do… the current low-tech way of staying ‘Clean’ is by using
settling tanks and dehydration, then send the remains to your refiner. You
can also plate out the metals with a simple mortorcycle battery charger
connected to a carbon rod and copper plate. I’ve tried this with some
success but the first method is easiest. Phil

G. Phil Poirier
Poirier Studio