Circular jewelers bench geodesic dome window jewelers studio of Nik Colyer


i decided to make a post about this so that i can find it later when i forget…again!

such an epic studio!



I would love to have a thread of “best benches”. Thanks for sharing this!

My bench is a half circle writing table, absolutely wonderful


I love it! Would you change anything?

Actually, I’d make no changes since it works so well. The table is very sturdy and was at a thrift store :smiley: As the photo shows, I’m not very tidy . . . .

I covered the original top with thick plywood, and then added a magnetic strip for files on the left, the leather “apron”, and the boxes for stuff at the back. There are two small drawers on the sides, unused, and I removed the center drawer to provide another storage area.


I love it. I’m going to use some of your design in my next bench. Thank you for sharing!