[Cincinnati] Bright-Cutting with "Bench" & Gerry

Hi all !

Next weekend in Cincinnati, September 24th I will be presenting a 1
1/2 hour demonstration of “Bright-Cutting” and with Q & A’s on any of
this wonderful aspect of setting. I will be doing this demo with
CCTV, so all will see how easy it really it is. I will also show how
I grind my gravers and polish these steel blades. I will make hand
drawings and all of my setting tools will be displayed too. To
register contact


This show will be at the “Radisson Hotel =96 Riverfront”. We are
expecting Jurgen Maerz of the “Platinum Guild” to give his fun 1 1/2
hour lecture. Brad Simon will be on hand to give lots of advice on
jewellery assembly and his “magic” tricks=85:>) My book will also be
available=85.Gerry Lewy!