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Chunky unpolished Lapis

I purchased some strands of chunky unpolished lapis beads about 5
years ago at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. It was a rich blue
color with streaks of gold in it. Magnificent stuff!

Now, it looks like it is drying out and getting a chalky look to it.
I saw some similar material in a necklace where the lapis looked rich
again and oiled(?).

What would be safe to put on this poreous lapis to return it to the
rich blue color that it was before. I am really concerned about it
not getting chalky again.

Thank you

You might dissolve some paraffin in acetone and soak the pieces for a
day or so, remove, and let dry. A penetrating oil like WD-40 will
work also, but it needs to be “rested” in old terry cloth for a day
or two to absorb any excess. it holds up well and will not come out,
stain or discolor.


Hi Joan

You must to know. why The lapis become chalky. because this lapis no
the true lapis. It is dyed howlite. as the colour almost the same.
People easy to mistake.

Glen wu
Lianxing jewelry company