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Chuck stuck in handpiece

I used my handpiece for a non-jewelery job needing to drill some holes in some wood.The chuck was opened to the fullest to fit the bit and worked just fine but now the chuck is stuck in the full open position and I can’t get it to go smaller. Anyone have a solution to how to “unstuck” a chuck. Thanks!

You did not say which handpiece you have. It sounds similar to a Foredom #30, with Jacobs chuck adjustable jaws?

It is possible to jam the Chuck jaws if they are opened too far, but you should be able to free them again with firm but gentle pressure ( make sure the pressure on the key is clockwise!)

I have added a wooden graver handle to one of my chuck keys for the #30, and I also have a second key where the Chuck key is sunk into an even wider handle, which gives a better grip,and more leverage, but that chuck key is already packed for next weeks relocating of my shop.

And don’t forget a drop or two of WD-40 just in the chuck . Don’t spray it in the chuck, spray in cap and use a straw to drop it along the jaws. Have a cup of coffee and then go back to work. No reason to contaminate the shop and get the hand piece all slippery.

---- Ruta Murphy wrote:

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ive run into the same issue, ( for the same reason lol) but what don and
jams said works great. i always keep wd40 in my repair box.

Thanks all - applied WD40 and tried and tried again but it’s either impossibly stuck or I just don’t have the strength in my hands (nor do I have a graver to put the chuck key in to get more grip. Guess I will take it to one of the local silversmtih shops to see if they can get it done for me.

try hitting the end of the drill somewhat gently with your (plastic or leather) mallet, might drive the jaws open a bit.

If you find you do not have the hand strength, you could try clamping the handpiece in a vise, then, holding the chuck key in a pair of vise grips, gently try to work the chuck jaws closed.
Remember that if this is a Jacobs style chuck, such as the #30 Foredom, to turn the chuck key clockwise to close.
You could also try gently tapping on the jaws with a nylon mallet, while turning the chuck key.

I have created similar jams in much larger Jacobs style chucks on electric drills, using them in the over opened position, as you describe, and one version or another of the above suggestions should solve your problem (assuming of course, that this did not happen long ago, and corrosive rust has added to the problem.

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