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Hello All, I’m looking for a reliable source of chrysoprase, has
been working with this material? I’m not interested in cutting,
but rather designing around a great piece of stone, I think that
wonderful green stone and maybe diamonds would be great together.
Please let me know, if you should know, of a good supplier,
either on orchid or at @TruThomas. Thanks Brenda

Hello All, I'm looking for a reliable source of chrysoprase ...

Chrysoprase Mines of Australia has top quality rough and some cut
stones. I’ve got some rough coming, but have not looked at thier
cut stones. Nice friendly folk to work with, Craig White is the
Chief Executive. They have a web site at

Gemhut - - sell cut stones.

Rio Grande (aka River Gems) have chrysoprase cabs as well, but
the color in their catalog did not impress me.

Most of the top quality chrysoprase goes to to Asia for carving
and cutting. When you can find it, top quality chrysoprase is
not cheap.

As an aside for those of you who do cut stones, New Era Gems has
a pistachio colored chyrsoprase for five bucks an ounce. It
won’t pass as gem chrysoprase, but looks really nice in gold.

Brent Jones

New Era Gems listed a lot of finished chrysoprase cabs in their
last main catalog. Call them at 1-800-752-2057 or at They may have what you want. Jesse

Brenda I would recommend Cathy Cwynar as a source for
Chrysoprase, (see Lapidary Journal Dec 1997) her number is
(612)721-2236. I have only purchased a small amount of stones
from her, and she can be a little difficult to reach at times.
Her work is good and she has quite a lot of chrysoprase. Judith
Whitehead is another source. She is a stone dealer. Very
friendly and easy to reach, her number is (415)626-9309. Good
luck with your designing!


Hi Brenda, Last summer I bought some great chrysoprase from Tim
Roark Imports, from Atlanta. I saw them at the gem show in
Franklin, NC, where I always make it a point to pay them a
visit, and end up leaving with my pockets significantly lighter
than when I arrived! :wink:

Many interesting cuts… not just standard calibrated stones. I
even bought a couple carved stones that remind me of Maori
(spelling, John?) designs. Great “juicy” quality stones! Give
’em a call!

	Tim Roark Imports
	190 Tenth Street, NE
	Atlanta, GA 30309

Dave “I’m baaaack!” Sebaste

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

I have a few pieces of Chrysoprase I would be happy to send you
some scans if your interested and my supply is reliable and
fairly fast I also have another supplier that can get darn near
anything you ask for in 24-48 hours Good luck with the hunt Ron

We sell good quality chrysoprase, but not in callibrated sizes.
We carry mostly bullets, tongues, tombtones, cushions, ect. and
an occasional round or oval. Jordan @ JD Findings (201) 541-4160

I have had trouble getting very fine clean chrysoprase (australian)
to carve for rings and pendants. Does anyone know of a source or a
person to contact? Thanks Ron


Contact Craig White of Chrysoprase Mines of Australia. A real nice
guy to deal with and fine, fine material.

His email is

The companty has a web site also, with illustrations and (as I
recall) an online catalogue, but I don’t have the URL at hand. Do an
Alta Vista serach.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

Contact Craig White of Chrysoprase Mines of Australia. A real nice
guy to deal with and fine, fine material.

The web site is at