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Chrysoberyl cats eye

Good day,

I have a customer who would like to purchase a chrysoberyl cats eye,
preferably green / yellow with a very sharp eye.

Anyone have any suppliers who might have such a stone?

Thank you in advance,


Tim and I have bought two beuties from Michael Field who owns Fine
Cut Gemstones in Portland Or. He’s easy to find online.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Try Optima Gems, large inventory of quality gemstones. They have a website " Hope this helps.

I have a nice tourmaline cats eye. 9 by 6 mm. I will sell it for $200. FREE shipping!!!

Hi, Laurie,

Contact me off-line. We carry natural catseye chrysoberyls. I’ll be happy to send you a photo to share with your client.
Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc.

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