Chrome tourmaline deals

G-mornin Orchidians, having some trouble finding an emerald cut,
chrome tourmaline large enough to do the job. I wont get the exact
measurements until later in the day when everyone wakes up but I
promised a good customer I’d try to help him find one. Its in the
neighborhood of 18-20 mm. long. I carved a wax for their ring,but
after their setter finished it up they discovered a crack in the
stone. So, on the off chance that anyone knows where to get a good
deal please let me know.

Kevin in the Reno, Nv area, where the skiers are not skiing. many


Try Buena vista gems Gem works, Bob Spomur is the cutter and good
friend he may be able to help you.

J Morley Goldsmith and Laser welding in slowly warmingColorado where
the skiiers ARE skiing and boarders(me) are riding

Kevin (et al);

I can supply you a first class, “American cut”, emerald cut green
tourmaline of just about any size you may need. It may take a bit
more time than just pulling it out of my pocket though.

I am a professional faceter (past 20 years), custom cuts, perfect
angles, perfect meets, and the stones I produce are second to none,
and better than anything you’ll get from Thailand. Perfection takes
time and does not come cheap though.

If you have a rough stone you need cut, I’m your man. If you need
something special but can’t locate the rough, I may be able to find
it for you - I have several sources to choose from.

Kevin, if you’ll tell me the exact size you need, I can source the
rough stone and get back to you.

Everyone, please contact privately with your need:

Matt Dunkle


In 30 plus years of faceting gemstones I have never seen a chrome
tourmaline of the size you mention. A true chrome contains Chromium,
but the jewelry trade often mis-uses the term to refer to tourmaline
which is a “nice” shade of green. Even worse, many stone dealers use
the term “chrome” tourmaline when they are really talking about a
particularly nice shade of pure green. A true chromium-containing
tourmaline that is not oversaturated due to size in the dimensions
you mentioned would have an astronomical price tag, were it to

I’m kind of a stickler about gemstone nomenclature, so excuse me if
I have in any way offended, that is not my intention. If you are
simply looking for a good color green, I can probably help by
cutting one to your needs. The best way to get a close match would
be to see the cracked stone you now have, otherwise, know that the
color variations are endless. Good greens are available in that size
for 80-100/c or so when clean and well cut. Top greens, well, bring
more money…