Christmas YAK

G’day to all Orchidists: Have yourselves a very happy Christmas
and may 1997 be really good to you all - and a special thanks to
Dr Aspler and his elves, without whom none of this would have
been possible. Kapai! Cheers and kia ora,

   / /    John Burgess, 
  / /
 / //\
/ / \ \

/ (___)

Hey a Good Xmas to all from me and mine. I thought I’d add here
how lucky we are to have Orchid and Dr. Aspler. I used to learn
an awful lot at and there were some real
knowledgeable people who hung out there. Well, that newsgroup has
degraded into a SPAM forum and its hard to find anything worth
reading there. So thank God for Ordchid (well God and Dr. Aspler,
maybe they’re one and the same :slight_smile: Dave

Art Jewelry for Conscious People

And a merry one to you!

I too want to add my thanks to Dr. Aspler and the kind people who
contribute to the Forum. I not only appreciate all the great advice
and support, but your “professional” attitudes. I always feel
accepted, even though I am a novice in the jewelry arena.

I wish the best to each of you, and may we all have a prosperous
1997! Candy

At 08:57 AM 12/24/96 -0600, you wrote:

Hey a Good Xmas to all from me and mine. I thought I’d add here
how lucky we are to have Orchid and Dr. Aspler.

I/d like to echo these sentiments. While I have been on the
Compuserv Jewelry forum for a while, this is a more focused forum
for metalsmithing discussions. Dr Aspler has done the jewelry
community a great service.

Happy Holidays to all
Rick Hamilton

G’day; Do y’all have a Christmas tree? A real one which sheds
continuously over the carpet? Or do you have an artificial one? Which
doesn’t lend your room that nice hint of pine scent? We (of course)
have a tree, even though it is mid summer but ours is a very nice
synthetic one (made in China!!) which doesn’t shed. Had it for years.
So I soak a few little bits of sponge in real old fashioned genuine
oil of turpentine (you can still buy little bottles from an artist
supply shop) and I hide them in the branches, to get the ‘Christmas
pinewoods’ smell. Visitors usually remark about it. But they have to
be renewed fairly often as the turps volatilises. (Sponges, not
visitors, silly) Someone told me I should use a little of one of
those pine fluids from the supermarket, so I replied that I didn’t
want our living room smelling like a public toilet. Not the same
thing at all. Cheers - happy Christmas-to-come. – John Burgess;
@John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ Where we have strawberries and
raspberries for tea at this time Thou shall not envy thy friend’s