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Christmas Promotion, send out gift cards get huge returns


Christmas Promotion-Send out $50 gift card, get back huge returns.
This looks Professional!

Front and back of the card mailed to the customer. The card itself
pops off and is the size of a credit card.

Send out free, no strings attached gift cards this season and get a
huge return on investment. I have always heard back from jewelers
who sent out to their customer list a no holds bared gift card and
had great results.

If you send out a $50 gift card there will be of course a few cheapo
folks who’ll swap the card for a $50 something but typically people
will spend 10 times the value of the gift card which amounts to
about 10% off.

A few years ago a woman jeweler I know in Michigan sent out a $250
gift card to ALL of her customers. Yep a few people just chose a
$250 item but : She asked "Did you come in because of the gift card?"
Well over 75% of the customers told her they had not planned to buy
jewelry this season and the gift card changed their mind.

'they sold an extra $225,000 over what they would have, taking away
the gift cards net sales were about $175,000.

A jeweler called me today and turned me onto this site

I’ve looked it over, its easy use and cards completely customized,
printed and including postage is.99 cents a card. You upload your
mailing list (Excel) and the following Monday they are mailed FOR
YOU. All done online, even uploading your logo.

They have many different industries and for jewelers they have over
12 different designs, I copied and pasted just one above,

Here’s one testimonial

You still have time as this company says all orders go out “next
week”. Direct mail still works and this arrive sin the mail as you
see it, not hidden inside of an envelope.

After you see how it works, plan for Valentines Day as well.

I have no connection to this company nor get any compensation, I
just think this is great.


David Geller