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Chopard jewelry line?

I want to thank everyone who sent me ‘tips’ about photoshopping
diamonds. They were very helpful, and I will spend quite a bit of
time trying tham out. This IS a great group !

Do any of you carry the Chopard jewelry line? I have a client looking
for a ‘floating heart’ by Chopard. Thank you.

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

    Do any of you carry the Chopard jewelry line? I have a client
looking for a 'floating heart' by Chopard. 

I don’t carry Chopard (I WISH) but I just saw these in an article in
a jewelry connesieur magazine (about women-run businesses) - fabulous
watches with special faces on which loose bezel-set-gems or hearts
are floating around the dial. Special proprietary process that keeps
them from “sticking” to the face, as I understand it. Really
fabulous innovation and gorgeous watches!

I believe the line is called “Happy” - as in who wouldn’t be happy
with 5 diamonds floating around their watch face?! (They also
introduced a diver’s watch with 3 gem fishies swimming around.)

Interesting. I HAVE seen the “floaties” get stuck to the glass on
some but not all of the knock offs. I always assumed that the
reason was that the two plates of glass weren’t parallel to each
other. I wonder what Chopards secret is? I haven’t seen enough of
their jewelry to conclude that their Happy diamonds don’t stick.

I would hope not though seeing how expensive they are.


I have have repaired several of these. Yes, the chopard ones get
stuck too. The diamonds are set in straight wall bezels slightly
shorter than the height of the chamber. They are floating between
two watch crystals in an outer bezel. The bottom has an overlapping
flange, the bottom crystal is glued in, the diamonds go on top, the
top crystal fits into a groove like a watch crystal, and is glued
with crystal cement. When the glue ages or pieces get excessively
wet, the diamonds start sticking. You take it apart, clean
everything, and put back together.

They float once more…

  • gail