Choosing the right resin

i’ve been reading over the archives’ info on resin in jewelry and
feel like i’m mising something.

i would like to create sort of a collage image, adhere it to a
sterling back and then seal it somehow. i was thinking that a clear
resin was what i wanted, but now i’m not sure, as all i find about
resin is colored resin.

any advice out there for what i’m trying to do?

thanks and thanks again,

Jocelyn Broyles
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I am not sure this is what you need to do the job you are working on
but the Product Ceramit may work. This is a cold working two part
material that comes in colors as well as clear. Ceramit can cure at
room temperature or can be fired at low temperatures. It should be
available from most jewelers supply houses and might also be
available in an artist supply store.

Good luck
Greg DeMark

mmm… polyester resin. Castin’ craft (no matter how awful it
sounds) is fantastic stuff and can be finished easier than epoxy
resins. It comes in clear in a BIG can and they have it at lots of
craft stores or you can get it from the company at It is perhaps
my favorite material in the whole world!