Choosing the perfect pearl

  1. There are two types of pearl, natural and cultured. In today"s
    market just about every pearl you see will be cultured meaning that
    the hand of man had something to do with the creation of the pearl.
    (pictured above a necklace of mixed South Seas white and golden

  2. We are experiencing a pearl Renaissance. There are more types of
    pearls on the market today than ever before. Twenty years ago the
    Japanese Akoya stood virtually alone. Today you can choose from:
    Freshwater pearls, South Seas white, Tahitian black and South Seas
    golden pearls.

  3. What"s the best buy in pearls? Probably the Chinese Freshwater,
    (pictured left 8.5mm round natural color Chinese f/w pearls) There
    are two ways to create a cultured pearl, bead nucleation and tissue
    activation. Pearls that are bead nucleated have a large bead made
    from shell and thin covering of nacre depending upon how long they
    are left in the mollusk. Chinese freshwater pearls are tissue
    activated, have no bead and are pure pearl. They are available in
    natural pastel or white and in their finest qualities have some of
    the characteristics of natural pearls. Be careful, over 90% of
    Chinese freshwater pearls are of marginal quality. The best will
    stand toe to toe with any pearl in the world and can be purchased for
    a third of the price. To help you in selection, pay careful attention
    to the following guidelines: Read Gemwise, gonzo journalism for gem

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