Choosing mini laser welder

Hello can you help me buying a mini laser welder for repairing works
mostly in retail jewellery Net I found one that is from italy orotig
minilaser and minilaser pro the technical specification 3k 4k 10j
40j all these makes confusion can any body suggest one which is
cheaper more usefull thanks in advance.

Tommy Joseph

Tomy - Don’t ever go “cheaper” with professional equipment, your
out-put and professionalism is, or should be, your mark that people
come to know of you. Don’t short cut, this machine will do a good job
for you and your output should be tops. Get the big laser and you
won"t turn down work and it will handle most anything that comes in
the door and what will follow is the word gets out that you are top
professional in the city and believe me, “business will come”.

Good Luck, Stephen, CMBJ