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Choosing between foredoms LX or TX motors

Hello Julie and all,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous
review and evaluation refering to our LUCAS #9 Lowboy Variable Speed

The LUCAS #9 Lowboy Rheostat is the #1 Speed Control recommended by
Jewelry Designers///Manufacturers and Wood Carving Craftsman

It was also brought to our attention recently that the #9 Lowboy can
also be used with the KNEW Concepts Power Saw because of its precise
speed delivery.

We had a customer order one from us recently to use on his Levin
Lathe because it was more comfortable to use while standing compared
to the Foredom pedal that he was useing.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the LUCAS #9 Lowboy should not be used on any type
of motor that already has a variable speed control built into the
motor. Reason: you cannot use (2) electronic variable speed
controllers against each other.

Because of its unique design of the angle of the pedal, it offers a
much more comfortable position for the operator’s foot.

Dimensions: of the #9 is 2-1/2" wide x 5-3/4" long… Pedal Height:

It has a 6 amp rating, 120 volts AC. for universal motors Only &
comes with (2) grounded electrical cords. Male: 8’ long. Female: 6’
long Vein powder coated finish.

Additional is available by contacting LUCAS DENTAL CO.
Email: Lucadent@verizon. net or Toll-Free 1-(800)-332-5573

at Thank you very much, Sincerely, Richard Lucas

Hello Richard,

Thank you so much for your quick reply regarding your wonderful
Lucas #9 Lowboy foot pedal, with contact info.

I was going to provide a link with my original post, but had some
difficulty when googling it.

Now I know it’s correct name!

So, I am glad you reached out with your contact info! Thanks again!

Best Regards,

If you use a Lucas control on a TX or LX flexshaft motor you will
need to buy a new motor. The TX and LX motors are permeant magnet DC
motors. They need a special control designed to provide DC current
to the motor. The Lucas and other older foot controls are designed
to control universal motors running on AC.

James Binnion

Hello James Binnion, I just noticed this thread that you made on Sept. 14th, I guess it was in 2016. LUCAS has two models of their LOWBOY Rheostats, the original #9 Lowboy at $49.00 which is designed to be used on standard ac-dc flexshaft motors. They also have their model #9XR Lowboy at $59.00 with special electronics and with a proprietary design which was designed to be used on the Foredom Heavy-Duty 1/3 hp DC current motors such as the Foredom TX series & similar permanent magnet DC motors from Foredom. It also has a special female plug (also known as a computer plug) that fits the Foredom TX Series DC motor’s shielded male plug. Any additional information regarding any of the LUCAS products is available directly from LUCAS, by calling toll-free 1-(800)-332-5573 or Email:… Regards, Richard Lucas