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Choosing a Hydraulic Press

Thanks for all the kind words.

Just to give you an update, the 12 ton is still on sale for $450.
It’s complete, ready to go, including the jack. It costs about $60
to ship it.

The 20 ton is $650 without a jack. Jacks can be found very
inexpensively locally. The press will fit any jack on the market.
You could buy a $40 Harbor Freight jack or a $160 Norco with gauge
port from JackXChange. I sell it without a jack so that it saves a
lot of money on shipping and you can get your jack locally so the
warranty is in your name and you can have it repaired quickly. There
is no point in sending hydraulic jacks back and forth across the
country. But if you really want one from me, I will ship you one
with the press, already installed.

I’m working on a new version of the 50 ton. It will be the same size
as the 20 ton, only heavier steel. It will use an Enerpac cylinder.
This should be perfect for you guys who want to coin. I have plans
for a 100 ton as well.

Would anyone be interested in a super light weight, aluminum frame
press? I’ve been trying to come up with a way to get presses to
Europe and Australia, but shipping costs are more than the press
itself. I’ve come up with a lightweight aluminum version that I can
machine on my CNC mill. I’m not sure of the exact weight, but it
should be light enough to go by postal service and hopefully cost
$100 to Australia, at least that’s my goal. It will bolt together.
Might be good for people who travel to craft shows. Unfortunately it
won’t be as inexpensive as my steel framed ones, aluminum is kinda

Let me know if you have any questions about hydraulic presses.