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Choosing a good tumbler


Hi Everyone,

Need some help here…

I am looking for a good tumbler. This is my first time around the
race course, and I have no clue.

Should I look for a 1 barrel or 2 barrel? What type of Media should
I use for Gold & Silver? Can anyone recommend a good burnishing
compound or solution as well?



The two things I would recommend, stainless steel shot. Steel shot
will rust.

When I run my tumbler I put in water and lemon joy (soap you use to
wash dishes). It works great!

Valerie Heck


I would check that the soap don’t contain salt. Most dish washing
liquid etc uses salt as an abrasive so would aid rusting of steel

I use barrelbrite from cookson in the UK. So far after a year kept
in water and barrellbrite there is no sign of rust on any of my shot.