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Chlorinated pools and missing jools

Dear Julie et al, To answer your question regarding your engagement
ring and the lost stones, your supposition is correct. Chlorine
causes corrosion stress fracturing, and its effects on low karat gold
are well documented. The amount of chlorine in our everyday
environments is beyond a safe level for mass-produced jewellery of
low karatage, but there are no warnings to jewellery buyers to avoid
exposure to this chemical. I would recommend that you select a purer
alloyed gold (or platinum) for the settings, if not the entire ring,
and this will eliminate the problem. I have attached a file which
details the damage caused by chlorine, which all jewellers should be
(but obviously are not) aware of. I hope that the jeweller is able
to remedy the problem for you, and learns something important in the
process. David Keeling