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Ching Hai "jade"

You may recall that I asked this forum what ching hai "jade"
actually is.

Didn’t get an answer here or on the web, so I wrote to Fire Mountain,
who was advertising the stuff. FM is generally pretty good about
indicating what its

materials are,and had published their paper catalog with quotation
marks around the word “jade” but with no further clarification. On
line, there were no quotes. The first three responses I got from
them were non-answers and pretty clearly someone just quoting a
party line. Then today I got the following reply:

“Thank you for your reply. We apologize for the misleading
that you have received on these items. Our online
description for these items is incorrect and will be updated
immediately. These items are not natural jade (jadeite or
nephrite). This stone is much softer with a hardness range of
3-5. This is a variety of Dolomite Marble that is mined in
central China. Once again, we apologize for any incorrect or
misleading you have received.”

Dolomite I can test for, so I can at least tell if this answer is
correct. Now all I need is to know where the aqua coloration comes
from. They have indeed already updated their website’s

Tas <–who passed the thesis defense with room to spare!