Chinese ring sizes

I am curious to know if anyone knows what US ring sizes translate to
in Chinese sizes?

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Hi Ryan & All,

I happen to have some paperwork that indicates international sizes as
corresponding to American size on a mandrel. However, this includes
only England, Europe, Switzerland & Japan. If you can use this-Japan
sizing, I will be happy to scan it in or send it out directly to
those who need it. It was taken from an unknown source under the
title of ring repair…I have used it when I had to deal with a
customer from England and am sure that this is acurate for the
countries listed above…For all those going to Tuscon & in
particularly, the Annual Orchid Dinner-enjoy it for me too. Due to
family medical problems, I am unable to attend this year but look
forward to next year. It truely is the greatest show & experience on
Earth!!! From sunny & dry for now San Francisco- cheers, Jo-Ann
Maggiora Donivan


Here below is a brief idea on the corresponding Chinese ring size
with that of USA:

USA    Chinese
5        9
6        12
7        14
8        16
9        18
10       20
11       23
12       25

Alex Yu
Neptune Gem

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