Chinese induction furnace?

Since my old Swest induction melter has given up, the company is out of business and I can’t find anybody who wants to try fixing it, I started looking around for an alternative induction furnace to use with my perforated flask vacuum casting machine. Checking around online, I came across this one: Induction Furnace Metal Melting Furnace Smelt Gold Copper Iron Steel 1600℃/2912° | eBay?

Has anyone here ever bought one of these things, who would like to comment on their experience with it? The price seems pretty good, but does it really work? Are there parts available for it, or accessories like crucibles? Does anyone work on them outside of China?

Andrew Werby

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Read their feedback. I have no used this particular furnace but have had bad luck with Chinese equipment. Returns or refunds are next to impossible. It’s well worth the extra to buy from reputable dealers with strong return policies.
And that’s my 2 cents.


I’ve bought chinese knockoffs of other products before, and i’d recommend against buying knockoffs of anything that might be a fire hazard, be in contact with your skin, filters the air or might end up in a child’s mouth.

I can’t speak for a furnace, but i wouldn’t dare. (also wouldn’t with a torch to be honest.) There’s a chance of you getting a decent/broken product, but also a chance for electrical fires and rapid unscheduled disassemblies.

IF you purchase chinese knockoffs, buy them directly from a chinese seller (aliexpress), that way you have a modicum of control and perhaps even customer support.

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