Chinese gambling chips

need some help… i have several antique chinese gambling chips,
all are carved with scenes on both sides, and some have people
carved on them. they are mother of pearl very thin and ihave 3
different shapes. (all about 3/4"x3") i bought them about
25yrs. ago in an antique shop in amsterdam. i need to know what
the are worth, without being set.

thanks jill
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I buy them at the Tucson shows for $ 15-35 each depending upon
the carving.

I am a dealer of gaming chips and have sold many, depending on
condition (very important) a retail price at a jewelry show is
around $50 to $75 buta few can be very rare and command
much more. Ten years ago you could find them all over china,
England and the US but several major companies have started to
make jewelry out of them, quite successfully and they have been
very hard to find lately.

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Jill, There is a company called Timeless Gem Design, located in
LA at 888-977-GEMS who sell these chips mounted in jewelry. A 1"
diameter chip mounted in 14K Grecian Key coin pendant cost $200
wholesale. You may try calling them for Hope this

Sharon Z.