China jewelry attractions

I will be going to China soon and was wondering if anyone could
suggest any interesting Jewellery related sites to see such as
handcrafted work or interesting tool suppliers etc. I will be
starting in Beijing, but will have the most free time in Shanghai.

Thanks in advance
Calgary Canada… where the stampede started today!

It doesnt sound like you are going to Yunnan Milt, but if you do, be
sure to check out the Miao Tribes. They do amazing silver work and
will sometimes let you watch if you like. I actually stumbled across
one of the tribesmen in downtown Kunming working with the most
minimalistic tools, making chop sticks. I think he was as entranced
by the fact that I was so enjoying watching him doing his chasing, as
I was watching him work. Outside with a sandbag, hammer and tools in
his lap on a lapdesk type arangement. Since he was working in
multiple I assumed he did all anealing and soldering when he got
home. Yes I bought a pair.


Thanks for the suggestion about the Miao tribes in Yunnan. That is
exactly they type of thing I am looking for. We were not planning to
travel as far as Yunnan, but hopefully there will be another trip to
China when we can include it in our itinerary.