Child-size oval bracelet mandrel

Hi folks, I am looking for an oval mandrel with a taper suitable for
making very small bracelets. Anyone know where I can find one? The
small end should be somewhere around 1" x 1 1/2".


Edward, Both Metalliferous and 46th Street Jewelry Supply (both in
NYC) had a nice supply of mandrels last week when I was up there.
Both had “odd size” mandrels, as well, including (I’m pretty sure)
ones that would fit your needs – oval mandrels for shaping larger
bezels. You might try giving one or both a call or a visit if you’re
in the area.

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Edward - You might check the replacement wooden hammer and pick
handles at your neighborhood lumber yard or hardware store. Wooden
baseball bats are another alternative. Buy what suits you, cut the
section which you need, make a flat base for the end of it, and
assemble with either lag screws or regular wood screws. Then you can
secure it in either an upright position to the top of a bench, or
horizontally to the edge of a bench, to use in forming without using
a vise.

Jim Small
Small Wonders

Thankyou Jim, Karen, Jessica, and Bob for your suggestions. I will
contact Mr. Singh at 46th St. and see what he has. I purchased a
small draw bench from him and am pleased with it. He is warm,
informative, and friendly on the phone, too, no small grace in this
world… The suggestions for using a pick handle or table leg from
the hdwr store I will try in the meantime. Unfortunately, I don’t
think they would hold up to the kind of use I will be putting them
through–at least 500 bracelets a year.