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Chicago suppliers


I’m going to chicago next week and was wondering where to go to
buy metal and tools?


Go to 5 N. Wabash Ave., at Madison St. Try the 5th floor and
the 10th floor. SEP on 5 and Chas. A. Dworkin on 10. Or is it
8? I can never remember. Need your tax id number, of course.
There are more of course, but those two are good.



Rasha, I used to live there,depending on what kind of metal,
there is Newall Mfg co, on Adams street, just off of Wabash
ave.(check the listing ) Great place and Jim the owner is good
people. I believe the “green dragon” steamer comes from
there.Bartlet and co, and presion tools are both at 5 south
wabash downtown chicago. It might be an interesting place to
visit anyway since there are severaljewelers in the blg. Prehaps
another local jeweler- Elaine Luther can advise more? Enjoy the
city and its architecture. Don Wollwage