[Chicago] Looking for a Private Teacher

Hello Everyone,

I live in the Chicago land area and I’m looking for a Jewelry
Teacher to come to my home and teach me.

I have limited mobility, and can’t attend classes.

I have all the materials (flex shaft, bench, tanks, etc) because I
had a teacher lined up, but he retired and moved away.

I have asked this question before on this forum, and received a
reply. She said she was not comfortable coming to someone’s home.
She felt that was risky or dangerous because she didn’t know me. I
totally understood that, but I have to think that there is a
Teacher out there that will see that I’m just a person with mobility
issues who needs help to learn…

I really want to pursue this dream that I have had since I was a
youngster, and would truly appreciate it if someone would come
forward and help me learn the basics of the bench, soldering, and

Please e-mail me at faciabela@aol.com

Thanks Bunches