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Chicago ACC help needed

Hi Orchidians,

I am going to be doing the Chicgo Ameriucan Craft Council Show the
weeken d of April 26-28and wondered if any beginning metals artist
wishes to lea rn the ropes of a craft show. I sell an upscale
collection of 18kt and pl atinum designs. Although I can usually
manage the boot by myself it is a lot more fun with an assistant.
Learn about the business end of craft sho ws before you take the plunge.

I won’t be able to help you as I am already helping a friend at this
show but I will certainly stop by to meet you. Anyone else on Orchid
attending this show? A get together would be nice.

Already in Chicagoland

Hi! I live in the Chicago area and have attended the ACC shows here.
I am currently enrolled in a metalsmithing course. I would love to
experience the business end of it if you still need someone for the
ACC show in April! Gwyn Roland