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Chia-Wen Tsai - Jewelry Gallery

Chia-Wen Tsai

MA- Jewellery, Silversmith and Related Products The School of Jewellery,
Birmingham City University, UK
BA- Department of Applied Art (Metal Work)
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Materials: Silver, Copper, Ebony, Jade Dimensions: 20x12x13 cm

Slow down the pace of your life
Slow down to embrace life
Enjoy the leisure time
Instead of rushing all the time
Immerse yourself in the pace of life by tasting tea, and engage your full attention in what you are doing: breathing, tasting, and brewing. Evaluate each cup’s flavor and aroma, contemplate the nuances of each cup, and consider the way to brew the next.
Being aware of every detail, and its effective.
?aterial : silver, copper, Jade, Ebony
Technique: hammer raising

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