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Cheryl Lombard Designs

I just joined Ganoksin last week and I’m excited to be a part of this community. In browsing through some of the galleries featured here, I am so impressed with what I’ve seen!

I’ve been doing wax models for over 30 years, and, as an artist, have found it to be challenging and rewarding. I was professionally trained to do technical pieces, but over the years began trying my hand at organic pieces, and found that to be immensely satisfying. That is where my excitement really kicks in.

Working in wax, I don’t always get to view the finished piece, but in some cases I do, and it has lead me to want to work in metal too, so this site is a great place for information on just about anything I could want to know, and also ask questions. The level of artistry and technical ability of some of you is off the charts. It’s a little bit intimidating, to say the least! But, we all have to start somewhere, so here I am.

I’m going to try and post a photo and see how that goes.


Fantastic wax carving!
Thank you for showing us your excellent work!

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Hi Cheryl…
Great work. Please keep posting and growing your gallery. Your work is every bit as much art as seeing a finished metal piece, please include us in your journey.
Thanks, Jim

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Nice wax carving! Please post some more pictures!

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Jim, You’re very kind. Your work is “off the charts” in technical and artistic appeal. The wow factor takes on new meaning when one looks at your designs.
Thanks for the encouragement,

Beautiful work! I wish I had 1/10th that skill level with organic forms. . . .or wax for the matter! I’ll be excited to see others as you post them.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hello Cheryl,
Must say so true to life creation in wax, specially the skin texture and
the setting part.
I am an ardent fan of organic shapes in jewelry, and would love to see more
of your carvings ,really makes your morning or should I say the day.
Would love to be a part of the journey by being able to see more posting
from you on the progress to the final piece in metal.
"Keep the art alive " is all I can say.
Khushroo Kotwal

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Here are some more photos of waxes. Should you wish to see more examples of my work, you can go to my website at

Very cool pieces. I assume grown waxes? Love the detail in the bear. If
that is grown was that a you cad designed or are they hand carved?

All my waxes are hand carved, which seems to be going out of style these days!
Thanks for the compliments!

I will say this Cheryl has done a few jobs for me in the past they were all incredible and very fairly priced. PGG

Wow! The detail in your work is inspiring! Erica