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Safety pins by jewelers

There is a trend taking place where people wear safety pins to identify that they are willing to provide protection to people abused on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion and other modes of hate.
I’ll try to attach a photo of my version made on my engraving ball. Maybe other jewelers will show us their versions.

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I’m going to make some to. Expect a lot more orders of them because today it was announced that the New White House Chief Strategist will be anti-Semite Steve Bannon who also assaulted one of his earlier wives in California.

Just to jump in here… no political debates or discussions on Orchid please. That being said, would love to see some cool safety pin designs :wink:

You guys are dolls! Oh wait, I don’t think I said that right (!) Seth – thank u!

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Where/how can I see some examples of these safety pins? Thanks!

Adwar casting house sent an email out this week with three variations.

Well, thanks, Carol. But how do I get to see the variations? I am not interested in “liking” or “linking” or “flagging” or “bookmarking” (etc.). I’d just like to see some of the variations. Obviously, I don’t know how to use this new Orchid system!
Judy Bjorkman

These are a few examples of the Safety Pins we do have to offer. We also have additional safety pin styles but you have to be logged into our website to view them.

Hope this helps!

Adwar Casting Co


Please help me understand the new posting policy. Adwar Casting Co, below, indicates they have
additional safety pin styles, and we have to log in to Adwar Casting website to view them.

However, others seem to be allowed to post unlimited photos of gorgeous work of pieces based
on items created a couple of centuries ago from recently unearthed historical finds. Aren’t both
Adwar and gorgeous new work based on recently historical finds both advertising their work for

Please explain. Thanks, MA

Hi Mary -

I don’t want to delve too deeply into this on this thread, so feel free to message me privately if you have more questions after this explanation below.

I too noticed this posting and I have already written to Adwar Casting about it. This is a commercial post with a link to a product, the intention of which is to derive commercial benefit. For the purveyor of such a good or service to do this, they need to be a platinum member. I wrote to them and told them to become one and support Orchid.

We don’t allow (at least not currently) product announcements on Orchid, even by advertisers. I don’t want Orchid to turn into a constant stream of people trying to sell stuff, as that’s not what it is for. If Platinum Members wish to respond IN CONTEXT to a post about a product or offer helpful commentary and follow up links, they may do so. Provided the link or comment is relevant, applicable to the discussion at hand, and not originated by the advertiser.

Obviously, there is some subjective interpretation here… and I am going to work to refine the rules and make sure everyone understands them going forward. It’s obviously a bit of a work in progress.

As a general rule, I am obviously a lot more open to posts of these kinds (as I assume Orchidians would be also) by Platinum members, because they are financially supporting the work we do. I am obviously not very open to people who are not paying members at all trying to advertise their goods and services, as that is taking advantage of your attention and seeking to use what the paying members subsidize to their advantage without contributing in kind. I am also not open at all to spam posts or folks who don’t contribute financially or knowledge-wise who swoop in and want to take advantage of your attention without giving back to the community.

Of course, there are gray areas. I have seen and let slide on occasion folks who haven’t supported the forum financially, but who are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge sharing. If someone has been on Orchid for 10 years, answering questions and giving of themselves, I am obviously a lot more open to things they do. Reputations and approach matter.

Again, I realize this is super subjective and I want to make it more cut and dry over time. I don’t want to seem like I have an “attitude” about this – my goal is simply to make things valuable for the community and create a happy medium of people giving and taking.

On the issue of people posting work examples, those are not commercial. At least, I have not seen anyone seeking to sell their items (message me if I am mistaken, I may be)… they simply share them because people like looking at them and talking about them. It is true that sharing your work is likely to benefit you in various ways, but I don’t view it as commercial in nature. By contrast, posting about a new tool you are trying to sell, or a new product is quite clearly commercially motivated.

I hope this helps, and I hope my approach to such things is taken in the spirit with which it is intended… improvement of the community.

We are sorry to start a debate on the posting policy.

Our intentions with our previous post were only aimed on improving the discussion and the community.

We have had a significant amount of people reach out to us regarding this thread and they suggested us commenting on the discussion. .

We thought since our post was in context to the thread it would of been taken as improving the discussion.

As from the post from Seth, we are glad to change our membership and support Ganoksin by becoming a Platinum member.

We look forward to working together within this community.

Thank you,

Taylor Adwar
Adwar Casting Company

My two cents:

  1. What I like about this organization is that it is a resource
  2. What I like about the safety pin is what the safety pin represents
  3. Not everyone can make them.
  4. I took no offense at a resource sharing that they had them.
  5. As far as I am concerned, the more pins out there; the better.

Hello Seth,
This topic and its general treatment by all the interested parties is an encouraging example of what I have come to expect of your site: honest open discussion between people of goodwill on matters of interest or concern in their pursuit of jewelling excellence.
Thank you for your fascinating site and for your generosity of spirit towards all your members. (Particularly towards me, a Silver Legacy Member.)

@simonchilvers - you are too kind! Thank you for contributing your expertise to the community !

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Jewelers are making safety pins people can wear to identify themselves as willing to protect others from hate. I’m making my version on my engraving ball! Share if you can and show your own versions.