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Chemicals and citrus pickle

Hello everyone,

This is a notice that I will no longer be selling citrus pickle. If
anyone is interested in buying citrus pickle I am going to give the
name of the chemical company where to obtain the citric acid. For
those looking for other chemicals this company is a pleasure to deal
with and extremely polite and professional. They are very
cooperative and will answer all your questions.

Please note they do require minimum orders. The citric acid has a
miniumum order of 150lb, however the price is reasonable. If anyone
is interested in the ratios of the citrus powder and water with
instructions I will be happy to give you that if you
contact me offline.

The name of the company is Brown Chemical Company, Inc. located at
302 West Oakland Ave., Oakland, NJ 07436-0440. The phone number is
(201) 337 0900 and the toll free number is 1 800 888 9822.

Maintaining an e-commerce online website takes an enormous amount of
time and energy. Since my main focus is gemstones with my new
addition of drusy and rainbow pyrite rough I just don’t have the time
to deal with chemicals. I do suggest all who need web to
join Nancy Bernardine Widmer’s web discussion group.