Chemical names

Now, whilst it's OK to ask for "toluol" when  you want
"toluene", it would be downright dangerous to use "xylenol" =


place of "xylene". 

Kevin, I no longer have my copy of my post to Pat about clean=
mold frames; however if instead of “xylol”, I used the word
“xylenol” inadvertently, it was truly by accident ( a typo) and
hopefully will not be taken by anyone in this community to be stating
that xylenol and xylene are one in the same. Here in the states we
refer to xylene by both that name and by the name “xylol”, outside of
the lab we rarely use it’s true name “dimethyl benzene” (either 1,2-
1,3- or 1,4- depending on its form–ortho-, meta- or para-) I
understand the IUC rules of chemical nomenclatrure, but like anybody
in this group am quite capable of typing too fast and not re-readin=
that which I’ve typed before hitting the send button. Thank-you for
the correction if it was needed.

Paul D. Reilly
Colorado Springs, Colorado