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Checkering File

How does one use a checkering file?


If You are refering to a Checkering File used for checkering a shot
gun stock, it has lager teeth than most files, but it is pushed
forward with the teeth cutting in a line. There are multiple line
files ( for example in the shape of a w ) after You cut the first
line, the first wedge of the file is placed in the grove and used as
guide to cut the next line parrel to the first. I am curios are You
planing to checker gun stocks. This is a good web site for gun smith

Hi Rebecca. I use one frequently to put a “coin edge” on bracelets.
You have to really control the file so you’re moving in a straight
line along the length of the file. I’ll make one pass, then move the
file over about half the width of the file and make another pass,
etc. With each pass, make sure the file is seated in the grooves from
the previous pass, to give an uninterupted pattern.

True checkering, though, comes from making a second series of passes
over the same piece, but from a different angle. This creates a
pattern of diamonds, such as is frequently found on gunstocks and

Have fun!
Allan Mason