Checkering file

Does anyone know where I might locate a 10.5" checkering file? So
far I have only found the smaller 8" one but I really need the larger
file. Any help will be appreciated.


Hello Bill from Houston - I lived in Seabrook (Clear Lake City/MSC)
in the late 80’sbtw. I happen to have some checkering files -
Like most tool junkies I’m reluctant to part with anything. I have two
identical, brand new files, so I could part with one, if it’s what
you’re looking for. Depending on how you measure a file: Mine is
101/2" total length - the length of the cut, though, is 8". They are
5/8" wide - relatively narrow. They are cut “0” (both same). The
maker’s mark says “AM-SWISS” Then “0”, and under that is “MADE IN
USA”, and Under that is stamped “+” (Star-Plus-Star). I guess
they’re proabably worth about $40 or so- I have a Pay-Pal account, if
you want them - Not sure how you do it, but it’s, and I’m
John Donivan, or @John_Donivan. I would put a couple of stamps
on it for free (regular 1st class) If you wanted Fedex or whatever,
that would be cost… Let me know, though. Again, they (it) are
brand new, unused. Thanks, JOhn D.