Check luggage - restrictions

Hi Andy! Living in Israel, I’ve been dealing with checked bag
security for many years when travelling abroad to shows and teaching

  1. Luckily, it’s usually YOU who opens it (and repacks) and not
    THEM—it’s very important in security to keep the person together
    with the luggage until it’s deemed safe.

  2. My latest system has proved successful even when sending things
    internationally UPS i.e., without me being present:

I’ve taken to photographing (digital camera) the contents of each
individual package/box within the larger carton/suitcase and taping
a printout photo on each package so one can seen the contents
without opening it. I have an additional set of the printout photos
(stapled together) at hand for perusal by any inspector. The big
boon here is the fact that now that everything is x-ray scanned,
they can see that the shapes in the x-rayed, unopened
carton/suitcase match the photos at hand. I used to have to unpack
and re-pack everything, while now it all goes through easily without
opening anything! Also expensive items sent DHL used to be regularly
opened (at US Customs?), poorly repacked, and damaged, while the
items I’ve sent recently (UPS) with the photos have gone through
unopened! The digital camera has been priceless here—being able to
get instant high quality color photos free (printed on regular
inkjet paper) has made this possible.

Good luck!
Janet in Jerusalem