Cheap is expensive!

Because I am a new bachelor and I do not sew, I needed a tool to
help me replace buttons on shirts, I remembered that years ago I had
a domestically made product called “Buttoneer” It worked well and
was easy to use. I searched for a Buttoneer but was told that either
the company went our of business or discontinued it. One store clerk
told me that he had a Chinese made tool that did the same thing at a
great price. I had no choice but to buy it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am mechanically inclined. After
wasting two hours reading the instructions and trying to get it to
work, I tossed it in the garbage in disgust. What good is a “good
price” if the product fails to deliver on performance. What’s more
in this case as in so many others garbage products have driven good
ones out of the market CHEAP IS EXPENSIVE!!!

Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc
Inventors and manufacturers
of Jump Ringer Systems

Ray, There is not much cheaper that a needle and thread and you being
“mechanically inclined”, I would think that you could figure out how
to use it on something as simple as a button. Sometimes we have
mental blocks against things that, if we think about them, we could
do with ease.

Joel Schwalb

The Buttoneer can be had had 2nd hand stores, if you look hard
enough. If you can invent the jump ringer, you can sew on a button.
It’s quite easy. Otherwise, your local dry cleaner will be happy to
do it.

– Elaine Luther

I agree with thaat. I usually pay more for quality than cheap and
have not ever been dissapointed in tools, but have been dissapointed
in the very cheap tools and products. Also its quite often better to
pay alittle more wherre you know you can get an item serviced if
needed. Of course cheap is not to be confused with (baragin price )
either. Ray Page