Cheap flux dispenser

I don’t think I need to explain here what it’s for :slight_smile:
I use them now for many years and it works great after making these very cheap ashtrays a bit heavier.


Looks like ash trays with holes drilled. What are they sitting on?

Those are ashtrays for auto cup holders. My wife, who smokes, used to have one and I threw it out when she quit smoking. No she’s had a relapse and stopped talking to me for throwing her ashtray away. I’m tasked with finding her another. She suggested truck stops, auto parts stores, smoke shops, etc.

When I find source I’ll buy one for a flux dispenser and share the source.


I glued a heavy piece of iron on the bottom. There’s nothing drilled in these ashtrays.
Here In Holland you can find them everywhere for just 1 euro. It’s a nice clean way of working and the brush stays in good condition, because it doesn’t reaches the bottom.

Wonderful idea - thank you for sharing.

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Are those just abrasive wheels as the brush stops? I stopped using liquid flux for a couple reasons but this would solve one. Good hack. Thanks