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Cheap ergonomic chair for jewellers bench?

hey so i had a question i wanted to throw out to you orchideons. my
back kinda got a bit messed up a year or so ago when a jack slipped
while i was under a car. i was able to recover fine but i have had
allot of back pain ever since. in particular the long hours i spend
at the bench seem to make it worse so this back issue has been
limiting the time i have been able to work. ive started using a back
support which helped but does not seem to do the trick. i think one
of the biggest culprit is the chair im currently using. it has no
back support and needs to be spun to adjust the height. in the lab i
work in we have these perfect ergonomic Bevco chairs that work like a
dream but at 200 dollars seems steep. im curous what people use at
there own bench and if anyone has any good sugestions for ergonomic
chairs with good back support that dont break the bank.

we have these perfect ergonomic Bevco chairs that work like a dream
but at 200 dollars seems steep. 

The price of a permanent bad back is far steeper than $200. If it
works for you, by all means buy the chair.

-Lisa (My Plums, pluots, apricots and nectarine trees are so full
branches are snapping. Waiting for the avocados) Topanga, CA USA

In my opinion, $200 is not all that much to spend for such an
essential piece of equipment as a chair that allows you to work with
minimal back pain! If you already know which one works, I don’t see
how you can afford to spend even a small amount on one that might

Hi Dave,

You will get many different answers, as every person has a personal
opinion; here is mine. Your back is the only one you have, $200 may
seem steep, but in the long run, it is an investment in your health
and in your ability to continue doing work at the bench, not to
mention all the other things a back is good for. You should have a
timer at the bench, which you set for 15-20 minutes as soon as you
sit down. When it goes off, you need to get up, stretch, walk around
and give your back a rest from sitting. If you do this, even if you
don’t have the expensive chair, you should be able to extend your
working time. Proper ergonomics are key in keeping you healthy. I
speak from the perspective of four back surgeries and years of
physical therapy. I wish I had had the physical therapy BEFORE I had
the surgery. I learned many important things about proper working
positioning as well as strengthening. ahhhh, hindsight!

Best wishes,
Evalie Lockard

A good chair is worth the money invested in it. Your back is worth

And a tens machine is very helpful in managing the pain of backs.
Way better than pharmaceuticals if you can avoid them.

Barbara, on the Island where we seem to have finished summer and are
entering autumn

Dave, I have off and on again back problems also, $200 for a chair
that doeswhat you like is nothing. I paid around $300 for mine 8
years ago and it wasn’t even the one I really wanted ($800) but it
was a close second. A chair is a tool to help get the job done and I
personally buy the best tools for the money I can get. The more
comfortable you are at the bench the better. Have fun and create!

How steep is the price of comfort? It’s an investment in the
increased amount of time you can spend doing your work!

Hi depends which bench I am on.

Sawing and filing, bar stool $50

Sanding and finishing secretary chair $75

Soldering bench cheap chair $10 bucks from op shop.

Polishing stand up.

NOTE multiple work stations never at one bench more than 30 mins.


Sitting at the same bench for hours is very bad for you.

Check OH&S specs.


“Tis the cheapest man that spends the most money”. Buy a $50 chair,
spend it on a lifetime of pain and medical expenses. If you are going
to spend most of your waking life sitting in a chair at the bench
don’t even consider the money. I spend less time sleeping each day
than I do behind my bench and I sure wouldn’t want to spend that time
sleeping on a second hand pull out couch.