Cheap enameling kiln for beginner classes?


I’m looking for recommendations for an inexpensive, highly portable
kiln to use with teaching beginner’s classes.

The students will be making small, simple items.

As far as electrical outlets in the classroom, I’m limited to
regular 120v outlets. No dedicated lines.

The community college where I’ll be teaching the continuing
education class has no secure place to put the kilns between classes.
At least, no secure place I would want to stuff a 1600 degree
Fahrenheit temperature item just before I walk out the door. I’ll
have to put it in my car and transport it to and from the classroom.

I have a Paragon SC-1 that I’ve been using. It’s well enough
insulated that I can transport it after using it if I take some care
with it.

I have a Neycraft burnout kiln that I haven’t tried using for
enameling yet. (I use it for lost-wax casting.) It’s small enough to
be lugged around, though it seems to be well insulated. I’ve read
that using the kiln for both purposes isn’t a good idea, that it can
cause the enameling to get contaminated. Is that true?

Some of the “trinket” kilns seem to be fairly inexpensive and they
seem to be fairly suitable.

Anything good or bad to say about any of them?

Hi David,

I use the Amoco table top kiln for jewelry making. It has a 4"
surface round to use. I’ve been using it for about 13 yrs and it
still works great.

Jennifer friedman
Ventura, CA
jenniferjh1at mac dot com