Cheap diamond rough


A friend of ours is a college student/ teacher at one of our state
universities. She is looking to create a project around an uncut
diamond- a piece of diamond rough. It does not need to be pretty or
of good quality; she could use a rough piece of I3 quality if such a
beast could be acquired.

If she can’t find a suitable piece of rough diamond, some other uncut
white gemstone material would suffice, though diamond is her first
choice. So- her parameters are uncut rough diamond, larger is better
than smaller, and relatively inexpensive (she is hoping to spend
hundreds of dollars, not thousands). Any suggestions on where to look
for such a thing?

Thanks for your time.

david lee jeweler

it would help to know if you are looking for natural diamond
crystals- raw diamonds- as opposed to graded diamond rough, which is
a different creature and comes in industrial to gem quality grades.
I, and I’m sure many Orchideans know of many suppliers of all the
types, grades, price ranges and personability of the
dealers/businesses that sell the stuff. so For me a bit narrower a
description would help me point you in at least one direction. I
personally LOVE raw diamond crystals, also called rough diamonds by
some. they come in colours from grey to “salada”: a reference to
fruit salad, since the crystals in their natural form can be pale
oranges, pinks, yellows, greens, browns, etc. to the greys and blacks
of natural stones as they come from the earth. Additionally, raw
diamond crystals can be had in almost any shape you desire from
octahedral to square, etc. I3 diamond rough sounds like you could
potentially save some money getting industrial grade material but
that’s only necessary if you want fairly eye clean material that has
visible inclusions ( though minuscule or appearing as a black spot
somewhere in the stone)…so if no one else offers the info you want
with a bit more clarification I can help. rer

Brenda - why not try the people who mine them…


I recommend contacting the folks who run this etsy shop:
GemKiss - Etsy They also have a website - siamgempalace Resources and Information.

They often have rough stock, do custom requests, and currently have a
20% off sale on diamonds.

Hope this helps!

I would contact Mark at Rock Deco

I know he does rose cuts, and I’m pretty sure he does rough cuts.