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Cheap and expensive drawplate

Sometimes the old adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t always
hold true. In the archives there are references to very inexpensive
drawplates. Can these plates be made to perform reasonably well
compared to the high price plates. I have a need for different size
wire from time to time but can’t justify the cost of the high price
plates for occasional use. Can any one tell me what the trade offs
are, and sources for drawplates.

Doug Darling, Denver CO.

When I started out a long time ago I had a regular hardened tool
steel drawplate. These worked well and performed to my satisfaction
in most cases. Then I tried out a tungsten carbide drawplate. The
only way I can describe the difference is that drawing wire through a
tool steel plate is like trying to spread cold butter on fresh bread.
Using a tungsten carbide plate is like spreading softened butter in
fresh bread. It is easier to pull, it leaves the wire smoother and
brighter and takes half the work out of making wire. They are almost
twice the price but it is worth it. Just my opinion but the Tungsten
plate is worth the money.

Phillip Scott GG

We have had the same experience as Phillip Scott described with
Carbide insert steel drawplate vs standard steel. After years of
using steel we switched to carbide. Wire pulls smoother and with
less effort. And it comes out smoother with less finish needed.
Carbide is worth the extra money in our opinion.

Gary Dirks
Janine’s Jewlery
Redding, Ca.