Chatoyant beryl

I’m going to have to disagree with Ahmed about both inclusions and
cloudiness. The material I have is of course not facet grade,
however I wouldn’t call it cloudy either. Some of it approaches
facetable. It has what appears to be needles or very fine tubes
that make the chatoyancy. What it does is glow adn it goes from the
seafoam I originally wrote about to a yellowgreen with many
gradations in between. Even in very low light it glows; I assume
because of internal refraction, if I’m using the term correctly.
Also the chatoyancy can be enhanced in the cutting process, and even
though it’s not as obvious as in other chatoyant or catseye
material, it’s pretty obvious when it’s moved.

It also tends to be better when there’s nothing behind the stone so
a prong set is best. For anyone interested, I’ve photographed
seven stones that I’ve cut from two different crystals. I’ll be
happy to send a photo by email on request.