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Chasing, repoussee and pitch information


Some online links to great chasing, repoussee and pitch

Chasing and Repousee are vital, old and core metalsmithing
techiniques. Here are a set of 2005 links for chasing and repousse
of interest. First of all lets start with pitch.

Here is the address for ordering Northwest Pitchworks pitch. I like
their medium one…

Mountain Gems in BC makes their own pitch as well.

Fischer has a great black pitch and my favorite for chasing, a red

Some online notes on pitch (blacksmithing)

Allcraft in New York has these two black and red pitches as well.

Here are some notes on chasing from the Ganoksin Project

Notes on chasing tools

Pitch bowl notes

Forming tool notes

Notes on pitches

Chasing and Repousse safety notes

Chasing on air notes involveing fold-forming

Brepohl notes on chasing and repousse

And for an edited selection of what’s out there for quality chasing
and exemplars:

MJSA notes on chasing (pdf)

Valentin Yotkov, chasing guru extraordinaire

Rocio Heredia, another chasing guru, truly important for North

Kirsten Skiles-wow what a chaser-and is steel too.

Marcia Lewis’ site (and book)

Artmetal Notes on chasing

Blacksmithing notes on chasing

wikipedia notes on Chasing

Nice Chris Wilson article on Chasing tools

Garri Dadyan chaser

Davide Bigazzi on chasing

Art history club notes on chasing

Lois Betteridge_Canada’s supreme chaser

Billie Lim Designs

Claudia Petley repousse

Cambodian chasing

Page on using really simple tools for chasing

Nepalese chasing images

Interesting chasing and repousse examples

Charles Lewton-Brain

President, Canadian Crafts Federation/Federation Cannadienne des
Metier d’Arts,



Thank you so much for all the chasing/repousse sources, info. We are
very lucky to have you in this community. I can’t believe how much
work you do for all of us.

Kay Taylor


Several museums in Bulgaria have put together an extraordinary
exhibition of Thracian gold and silver treasures. It will be on
display from May 15 till September 15, 2006 at the Archaeological
Museum in Varna (luxury Black Sea resort). If you happen to be on a
cruise and stop at the port of Varna, or just visit Bulgaria, this
exhibition is something you must see.

For reference see:

Ancient gold: The wealth of the Thracians,
published by Harry N. Abrams

Valentin Yotkov

Valentin Yotkov Studio
Artisan Member of Society of American Silversmiths
68 Jay Street, Studio 501A
Brooklyn, New York, 11201


Dear Charles,

Well how nice to be thought of is such high regard, by someone whom
I have such esteem for. Thank you Charles! it’s so kind of you to
say that. And I hope I’m always worthy. And while I’ve got your
attention…Here is a link to a chapter of Valentin Yotkov’s
book in progress

Greetings from the city of mountains!

Rocio Heredia