Chart material for anniversaries

Hi all,

Hallmark has gotten some advertising out of this thread, but I want
to give American Greetings a wee credit also.

For our 6th anniversary my husband gave me the American Greetings
"Standard Schedule of Anniversary Gifts"

1st Paper
2nd Plastic
3rd Caulking
6th Styrofoam TM
and it continues
10th Naugahyde TM...
13th  Fiberglass
24th Film...
28th Sponge...
30th Soup...
the 40th is Ice...
42nd is Spandex--you'd think that would come earlier in the marriage...
49th is Frosting
50th is Gold

That’s his list and he’s sticking to it. We’re working our way on up
to SpackleTM , rope, hand tools, and Terry Cloth.

But the best gift from him has been learning that off-the-shelf can
be modified, scratch built is almost always possible, and tool making
is like dry fly fishing: science, art, and soul.

Thanks to Orchid for also catering to the tools, devices and
contrivances community. Thanks to all contributors for sharing your
solutions. Connie