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I do alot of work with charms but am having difficulty finding wide
varieties. Does anyone have names of companies, catalogs, etc.
Please respond. Thanks


Hi Paula, you can get free catalogs from Blake Bros. International,
New York, 1-800-8BLAKES or Seattle, 1-800-444-6745…very reasonable

Also, Fire Mountain Gems…Customer Service 1-800-423-2319 or
e-mail them at: for a catalog. Their WEB site

Hope this helps you…good luck, Kelly

Try ALA Casting Co. Inc. Long Island City NY
( Bill Churlik

Paula - Become a member of MJSA (401-274-3840). As a member, you call
them, ask for a list of names in a specific jewelry related area such
as “Charms,” and within minutes you have a list from their expansive
database. In addition they offer many other services to jewelers.
It’s worth every penny it costs to join.

Carl Seadale
Gardener Specialty Metals
Manufacturer of Precious Metals Mill products

Hi Paula,

My absolutely favorite source for charms while I was in retail was
Rembrandt Quality Charms (RQC). They have over 4,000 different styles
and they’re ALL available in Sterling Silver, Gold-filled, 10K & 14K.
They’ve truly included something for everyone in their line and their
quality is first-rate. Prices are reasonable too.

RQC’s catalog is one of the best done - items are grouped by theme,
the photography is crisp, everything is actual size and it doesn’t
take a month to figure out their retail price list organization -
plus it’s removable so there’s minimal clutter on the picture pages
but you don’t have to flip back & forth or memorize a 20-digit
number, etc.

RQC’s customer service is great, items are very rarely out of stock
and orders ship right away. I liked using them for special orders
because they’re highly reliable.

Their phone number is 800-828-7840, fax is 800-828-7811, if you want
to call to inquire on a catalog. I’m not sure if you’d need to open
an account first, some companies want to confirm requests are from
legitimate/appropriate businesses before sending expensive catalogs
out. RQC isn’t one of those companies set on mastering ways to make
your life complicated though so I’m sure you won’t encounter much

On a final note, my praise and recommendation is completely unbiased

  • I’m not affiliated with RQC in any capacity. My only compensation
    here is the good feeling from sharing some experience - and that’s
    more valuable than monetary reward anyway!

Good luck, hope this helps. You’re welcome to email me privately if
you’d like. It’s always nice to see a fresh address in my unread
email list that isn’t of the variety.
But if anyone wants more, I can forward you some on Kona coffee,
mortgage/equity, long distance, airfare…gee, makes me wonder how
much time/expense is wasted on writing, editing, uploading, tracking
and following up these things just so - and in addition to - how much
time we all spend deleting them! So, I’ll end with a question on this
message title in question - how many Orchid readers out there have
been CHARMED enough to actually buy junk from e-junkmail…? Haha!

Jeanette K
Deep Contemplator of Marketing Mysteries and the Minds that Divine Them…

Try the Rio Grande Catalogue-company is in Albuqurque, N.M>